Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lila turns 1 year old!!!

Last week Lila turned one year old! I can't believe that it's already time to write about her 1st birthday. Lila is talking more and more each day mostly saying "mama", "dada" or "daddy" and sometimes we think we hear her say "Wheeeee!"

For Lila's first birthday we decided to have a friend party and a family party that way we could fit everybody in our house. The theme of Lila's party was butterflies. I made butterflies on the cricut for the table, door and to decorate around the house. I also made a banner that said, "Lila Gail is Turning One". I know Lila won't remember this birthday, but it was a milestone for me knowing that we'd made it to the year mark.

We have made it through waking up at night for feedings, the beginning stages of teething, as well as all the good moments, crawling, pulling herself up on the couch, etc. This year has been bittersweet for me knowing that she is our last. I've tried to enjoy as much of each stage she's going through so I won't regret missing anything.

Lila loved her cake, which you'll see in the photos. She put it in her hair and because she was waving her hands around frosting flew through the air. She loved every minute of it. This was completely opposite of Ethan's reaction at his 1st birthday. He wouldn't even touch his cake and still to this day does not have a sweet tooth.

Lila is running alongside the couch now, taking a few steps at a time, and walking very well with her new baby stroller that she got for her birthday from Nana and Papa. She's such a daredevil and she loves to eat just about anything you put in front of her. She can crawl up the stairs. She weighs 24 lbs and is 30.5 inches long. Her height, weight and head size are over the 90 percentile.

Here are the photos from her party and a few from her actual birthday.

I bought this amazing tutu, butterfly wings and antennae headband from a shop on Etsy. The shirt was made by a friend with fabric from my work and from an outfit I wore when I was in preschool. The party and outfit were so much fun and I'm glad we got to enjoy time with everybody.

Lila, don't grow up too fast. Stay mommy's little girl forever. Love you sweet baby girl! - Mommy

Friday, October 18, 2013

Lila at 10 months!

Lila turned 10 months old a couple week ago. Time is flying by and we're already planning her 1st birthday party. We'll be having a family party with a theme of butterflies. I'm in the process of ordering a purple tutu, butterfly wings and a headband that has antennae on it for her to wear at her party. I'm trying to keep the party low-key since we have a lot going on this year.

At 10 months Lila is pulling herself up on anything that will hold her up. She's very close to standing on her own, but still doesn't quite have the confidence to try it. I think she'll walk before Thanksgiving but she seems in no hurry to try. She's still very much a daddy's girl. If she's hurt she'd much rather that daddy comfort her unless he's not available and then Grammy is next in line. Sadly, I'm her 3rd choice unless neither of them is available then I'm #1 finally.

She still a very happy and agreeable baby. She went from 4 teeth to 12 teeth in just under a week. Some of them haven't quite broken through but they are on their way. I guess that's better so she gets it over with.

She ate some grilled cheese sandwich last night and loved it. Right now she loves mangoes, bananas, avocados, toast, cheddar cheese, sweet potatoes and feeding herself Cheerios or anything I can cut up for her. She definitely is over getting fed. She wants to do it herself.

Here are some photos of her 10th month.

 Wearing her dinosaur tail.
 With Nana & Papa
 With daddy
 Making a mess with brother.
 Trying to get over the pillow. She figured it out in no time.
 Hanging out in diapers reading books.
 Playing with brother.
 Cousin time. 
Smiling for big Papa.
 10 month calendar photos

Another update on Ethan's behavior

Ethan's behavior has improved. We are still dealing with his anger issues, but we've seen a big improvement over the last few weeks. The marble jar has worked and the 1-2-3 Magic book we put aside. We are still putting him on time out if he hits, throws or does anything bad to his sister. He's a very strong-willing child so i know he will never be an easy kid to parent. His strong-willed attitude will help him in life though so I don't want his spirit to be broken. He is a fighter and I think that will help him to fight CF and to not give up on goals in his future.

Ethan had a huge temper tantrum this morning followed by an even bigger tantrum. I thought this would be a very long day. He freaked out this morning because he wanted daddy. It took 45 minutes to calm him down and even then the only thing that would work is letting him cool off while watching Curious George. He is obsessed with Curious George right now. After breakfast he was back to his old self and I'm crossing my fingers that it last. It seems that I spend my day just hoping every step of the way that he cooperates, never really knowing how he will react. We'll find our way through it. It's just stressful. We've learned some great tools for how to parent him. I think the three sessions were worth it.

So our parenting journey continues. Let's cross our fingers that Lila is easier than Ethan :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Update - Ethan's behavior

A few weeks ago Ken and I started going to see a marriage and family counselor to get some ideas on how to better parent Ethan. We were still having problems with him hitting, throwing, being mean to his sister, the list goes on and on.

The counselor we started meeting with told us to start a marble jar for good behavior. He seems to really like the marble jar and it reminds us to praise him more than just saying no all day long. It's hard to stop and praise him for doing something right, but it's been a great lesson for us too. If he gets 10 marbles he gets to go to Target and pick something out, although we've had smaller goals lately. The counselor told us he should earn a reward every day or every other day so he gets the idea and remembers to be good. So far he's earned a milkshake from McDonald's and tonight if he earns 2 marbles he'll get a candy corn oreo cookie.

She also told us to start reading a book called "1-2-3 Magic". I like the basic philosophy of the book. Although, the counselor has tweeked some things in it to better suit our family. Basically it's a counting system. The first offense is 1, then second offense 2, and the third offense is time out for 3 minutes (since he's 3). We bought a kitchen timer that is extremely loud so he can see and hear the timer go off. He still struggles with talking during timeout and sometimes he ends up in his room because he kicks the bathroom door or won't stay in timeout. Overall, I like the book. Ethan is a tough kid to get to do anything, unless it's his idea. I've had to learn that I need to give him a heads up before we need to start doing something.

The counselor told us that it sounds like Ethan has a hard time with changes and transitioning. This makes a lot of sense considering he hates when we change the routine or when we try to get him to start doing something spur of the moment.

I think the book and the counselling are helping. We have one more session before we stop, but I think we're on the right track. I've already begun to have more fun with Ethan. It's become less of a struggle than it was before.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lila at 9 months!

Miss Lila turned 9 months old on Friday. The time is flying by way too fast. She is now crawling like a speed demon and follows her brother almost everywhere he goes. She's pulling herself up to a standing position on furniture, stools, the gate, and toys. She into everything. However, she seems to understand what "no" and "Lila" means. If I say, "No, Lila" in a firm voice she will stop, look back at me, smile and move onto something else. At least that works for now :)

My little baby is growing so fast. She's about 22 lbs. and went into a new rear-facing carseat a couple weeks ago. She was too small for the infant carseat so we moved her to a bigger pink Britax rear-facing. She seems to like having more room to stretch out.

It's been very interesting watching Ethan & Lila interact with each other. I know Lila is still really young to really play with her brother. She watches him and follows his every move. I can tell they will be great friends as time goes on. 

Lila starting finally sleeping through the night a few weeks ago. I thought it would never happen. She's up at 6am now and sometimes wakes up before then to eat and go right back to bed, but we try to let her cry herself back to sleep before 6am. It doesn't always work without waking up Ethan in the process.

 Lila getting some love from Big Grandma

 New carseat
 Grandpa making sure the carseat works :)
 Playing with brother's tubes.
 "How you doin'?"
 Lila & Nana

 The 1st time she pulled up to stand holding onto something. I just love those big thighs.
 Holding her own bottle...finally.
 Getting stuck on the pillow. "How do I get over this thing?"
 9 months old. Sitting still for a brief moment.
 "I'm outta here!"

"What's that button do mommy?"

Lila is such a joy to watch grow. She's learning and taking everything in. I can only imagine how much more active she will be in a few weeks when she turns 10 months old. I have a feeling she will be walking before she's one. Yikes!