Monday, August 10, 2009

The rumors are true

Some of you may have heard that I'm pregnant again!!!! We have been really excited and also very cautious this time around. I am finally into the 2nd trimester so I'm feeling less anxious, but I still have my moments of freaking out. The baby is due February 15th, but I'm aiming for February 8th, Super Bowl Sunday. Ken really doesn't want to miss the game so it's our little joke.
It's been really fun having a room to put all the baby's things into and organized. I have 5 bins of clothes from newborn to 1 year and a bin of blankets. We're in the process of researching cribs and dressers. Some of these stores take 6-10 weeks to deliver and I've heard sometimes they come cracked and have to be reordered. I think to be safe we're going to order in September. I'm hoping to have the nursery put together by January.
We went in at 8 weeks and saw the baby for the first time. Here is the picture:

If you look carefully, the baby looks like he or she is looking to the right and the legs are pointing to the right. It was so nice to finally see what looks like a real baby especially so small.
A week ago I went in for my 12 week appointment and we were able to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. I was in shock when we actually heard it. I went into the appointment expecting not to hear it. At first I heard the fluid swishing around, then my own heartbeat, and finally the baby's heartbeat. My doctor said that the baby was really low in my pelvis. I think the baby is on my bladder. I joke with the kids at work that the baby dances on my bladder.
This time around I was surprised to start showing so early. I noticed it at 8 weeks, and other people noticed at 10 weeks. I started wearing maternity clothes for the most part at 9 or 10 weeks. Everything else felt really uncomfortable. Here are some pictures of the growing belly:

11 weeks trying on maternity clothes.

Messing around with the bump at the store.

One of my best friends, Pam is due in a week and half. I don't even look pregnant next to her. Here's proof that we were pregnant at the same time.

13 weeks!!!

Ken's reaction to my belly that day was, "Oh my gosh!" He says he loves having a pregnant wife.
Ken has been pretty laid back when it comes to this pregnancy. He doesn't seem too worried and I'm sure I drive him nuts most of the time with my paranoia. He's been really supportive and helpful. He's been telling me to go sit down and rest when I start running around like a mad woman trying to do too much. I felt useless during the move since I couldn't really lift anything. We got it all done though.
Ken is certain that the baby is a boy and I am certain that the baby is a girl. The plan all along has been not to find out, but we are discussing whether we should find out anyways. I'll keep you updated as we have more doctor's appointments.

All moved in!

We finally signed all the papers on July 24th and got our keys the same day. I think we both were in shock for a few days and I'm not sure it will really sink in until our first house payment is due in September. The house is looking more like home and is mostly unpacked. The garage is the next project because it's a jumbled mess. Most of what's in the garage is doll stuff from when I was a kid, things I need to sell or baby stuff. Ken's going to put up shelves in the back of the garage so we can get most of the mess off the floor and eventually get my car inside.

The first weekend we were in the house we painted, well Ken painted more than me. We decided it would be easier to paint the kitchen and living room before we moved in. We also started moving boxes over from our garage at the apartment. We were really lucky to have so many people to help us move the rest in on August 1st. Now we're just waiting to get the blinds ordered and installed and the stairwell and hall upstairs painted by the professionals. Ken doesn't want to attempt the 20 ft ceiling and stairs. I don't blame him.

Here are some pictures of downstairs. I'll post pictures of upstairs in awhile.

Moving in with the essentials, including toilet paper.
The living room and kitchen.
The view from the kitchen to the living room.