Thursday, March 26, 2009

Erin needs...

My friend, Andrea sent me this on facebook. It's actually pretty funny, so I figured I would post it here too! Here goes...

Type your name and the word "needs" ("[Your first name] needs”) INTO YOUR FAVORITE SEARCH ENGINE and see what comes up. list the first 10 (or 20!) items and then tag 10 or more of your friends. and tag me back.

1. Erin needs another miracle.
2. Erin needs to wear shirts. (Hmm...)
3. Erin needs a servant (I like this one!)
4. Erin needs a drink (This one will have to wait about 7 more months!)
5. Erin needs facebook.
6. Erin needs a google good time.
7. Erin needs your prayers.
8. Erin needs new music (This is actually true! I haven't changed the cds out in my car for 6 months)
9. Erin needs a visit to the library soon. (Not true, I have too many books (baby books) to read)
10. Erin needs advice.
11. Erin needs a night off! (Amen!)
12. Erin needs a cooler name. (Good or bad thing? I don't know)
13. Erin needs a life. (Yes, Yes, Yes!)
14. Erin needs our thoughts! (Because she stuck with her own)
15. Erin will need to have the helmet off during transportation. (HAHA)
16. Erin needs a Harley. (No!)
17. Erin needs to remember that in New Zealand the kiwis like their advertising to be politically incorrect. (What?)
18. Erin needs a new nickname. (Any suggestions?)
19. Erin needs a liver transplant. (O...K...)
20. Erin needs to go to bed (Too late for that)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Seeing the bean!!!

Today we finally got a chance to see the bean during our first sonogram. I was a little anxious because other than feeling pregnant symptoms I didn't have any real proof that I was indeed pregnant and that the baby was growing. Ken came with me to the first appointment and we took a video of the sonogram. It's really short and actually there are two really short videos. I'll post the picture they gave us on Thursday once I find somewhere to scan it in.
We couldn't see much on the screen, but what we could see was a strong heartbeat and a blob. I had hoped we'd see him or her moving around, but the sonogram didn't even last more than 2 minutes before it was over. Based on my calculations online and the calculation they make initially at the doctor's office my due date was October 25th. After the sonogram they changed it to November 8th, 2 weeks later. I didn't actually realize that they had changed my due date until an hour after my appointment when the nurse called to move my appointments back by 2 weeks each. I was shocked and a little irritated. I know when I conceived, so I highly doubt my due date is November 8th. But, they base the date off of measurements or averages for size. So, for now I'm just going to have wait and hope that it changes.
It mostly stinks because I don't want to go back 2 weeks. Every week that passes is a big deal and knowing that the baby is growing to the size of a pea, bean, cherry, a quarter and now a small plum really has helped me to not feel like this will take forever. For now, I'm going to pretend my doctor never said anything. It's going to take a couple appointments of the baby measuring 2 weeks late for me to start to believe it. The baby will come whenever he or she is supposed to, so I guess the date is just a goal anyway. I will keep you posted. If you run into me though I'm 9 weeks and 2 days as of today, not 7 weeks and 2 days like the doctor says. I like what Tifani said, "The mommy is always right!"

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ella Turns One!

My niece, Gabriella, turned 1 last week! I can't believe how fast time has past. It seems like I just held her for the first time yesterday. I remember when she was born within minutes feeling like she was mine. I had this instinct automatically that made me want to protect her. Here it's been a year and she has totally changed our family. It's hard to imagine life without baby Ella. It's even more hard to imagine life with two babies in the Schwiesow family by her 2nd birthday. I look forward to seeing Ella, who will be 20 months old when our baby comes, with her new baby cousin. She is so much like my sister. She's a nurturer, independent, stubborn, loving, and she never meets a stranger. She also wants what she wants and she'll make it happen. This is really a Schwiesow attribute :) I've added pictures from her birthday party. She had a ton of fun and even threw up 3 times. I guess all the sugar and excitement got to her.
As far as pregnancy goes, there's nothing much going on. The books and websites say that the baby is going to be the size of a blueberry by the end of the week. The baby's heart is beating. His or her arms and legs are little buds at this point. I'm looking forward to week 9 when the baby stops looking so much like a seahorse and more like an actual human being. In the next few weeks, the baby's facial features are going to be visable and the baby should grow to the size of cherry. We are really moving up...!

I am feeling great! I've had a little bit of lightheadness, but that is mostly when I need to eat. Other than that, I haven't had any morning sickness. I've also been experiencing headaches. Tylenol may work, but I think it'll take more than I'm supposed to take to make it work. For now, I just have to get in bed and collapse to make it go away. I'm mostly just tired, busy peeing every 30 minutes, and really looking forward to hearing the baby's heartbeat in 3 weeks. They said they will take a picture too, so I'll try to find a friend's house to scan in the picture once we have our sonogram.

Enjoying her 1st cake

Ella enjoying her "Five Little Monkeys" book from Ken's parents.

Ella loved the Little People Farm House we got her so much that she pushed it around the house!