Friday, July 4, 2014

Our House

About a month ago we listed our house for sale. We've been needing a larger home since Lila came. She spent the first year of her life sleeping in the laundry room. We made it work because we couldn't sell our house and have a down payment for another while the market was bad.

We spent about a month getting the house ready to list and it's been 5 weeks since we listed. We've had many showings but no offers. After a couple price reductions we're hoping that we'll find buyers very soon. I'm very tired of keeping the house clean especially with my little mess makers.

We've found a house we want but obviously can't put in an offer until ours is under contract. The new house will have 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and will be around 1800 square feet. It'll be nice to spread out and have separate rooms for Lila & Ethan and a dedicated office for Ken and me. Since Ethan & Lila have been sharing a room for the last 6 months it will be great for them to be separated since they think it's party time at 5am each morning.

Hopefully we'll have a big announcement over the coming weeks of our house being under contract. We're excited to move onto the next house in a new neighborhood. Although we do wish we could take our neighbors with us. We'll see how fast the house goes now that the price has been lowered.

Ethan & discipline

I'm overdue for an update on Ethan's behavior. We are still have problems with Ethan's behavior and it's gradually getting worse. I am going to be going back for parent counselling next Friday to see if the counselor can help us navigate the next steps in discipline for Ethan.

Currently, he's saying words he shouldn't be and being rude and disrespectful to us. It doesn't appear that he does any of this with anyone besides us. He gets angry really easily and when he does he throws and hits things. He's mean to Lila which I know could just be normal behavior for siblings but it doesn't seem right.

He's still a very lovable little boy and does love one-on-one time. I think some or all of this started when Lila came. I thought by now it would have settled down now that she's been here a year and a half. I think he isn't getting enough quality one-on-one time with each of us. A week ago Ken and I took him to a Rivercats game just the three of us. He behaved most of the night and it was a late night. We need to plan more trips just the three of us or a date for daddy & Ethan or mommy & Ethan.

I'll try to update after our visit with the counselor, but I've not been great about updating the blog so it may be awhile. Please be praying for us and our family as we try to decipher what's the best game plan for dealing with Ethan's behavior. Nobody ever tells you how hard raising kids will be. If they did we all may have decided not to have kids :)

Lila @ almost 19 months old

Lila is almost 19 months old now. I've lost track of everything she's doing now since I packed the calendar I was keeping track of for milestones.

At 19 months she's saying about 12-15 words including: mama, daddy, bubba, brother, baby, papa, car, Lila (I think by accident) and a few other words I can't remember. She's into everything. She's much more active than Ethan was at this age. She can walk up the stairs holding onto the wall with one hand. Something Ethan didn't do until he was 2. She's knows how and when to climb down from the couch or our bed. I'm still not completely comfortable with her being on our bed by herself since it's high but she's getting there.

At Lila's 18 month checkup she was almost 27 lbs and 34 inches long!!! Ethan is 39 inches so this came as a surprise to me. She's always been very long for her age. I believe she's in the 96th percentile or somewhere close to that for height. She's also in the 90's for head circumference and weight. My big girl!

Lila seems to still be fairly easy. Although, she can get loud (both of my kids are loud) and whiny at times. She seems to be picking up some bad habits from her brother. When she's mad she will throw her baby on the ground. It drives her crazy that she's thrown her baby down though so she immediately picks her up and puts her back into the baby's highchair.

She has quite the face when she's upset. I need to capture a photo of it. She's very dramatic. She loves to pretend she's on the phone and walk around like I do talking away as she walks.

Recently, she went swimming for the 2nd time. The first being last summer when she was 6 months old. This year she didn't seem to like the water but gradually got used to it and we're hoping the next time she's in the pool she will like it.

Sorry for the lack of photos on the blog. We've been having problems with our shared drive and I don't always have access. I'll post photos as soon as it's fixed.