Friday, August 16, 2013

Lila at 8 months!

I guess it's better late than never. Lila turned 8 months old on August 6th. She is doing things much sooner than Ethan did. I think it's because she wants to keep up with her brother. Last week she started crawling! One of our gates went back up at the bottom of the stairs and the other is pending being put up. She loves to crawl and she's fast!

Lila according to our bathroom scale is about 22 lbs. I'm not sure on length but if any of her previous height records at the doctors office are continuing she is probably about 29 inches long. I'm just guessing since we haven't been for a well-baby visit in 2 months and don't go back until she turns 1.

It's hard to believe that Lila will be turning one in just 3 1/2 months. Wow, how time flies!

Lila is eating 3 solid meals a day. She loves avocado or mangoes with yogurt for breakfast, sweet potatoes or carrots for lunch and some kind of veggie for dinner. She hates broccoli, peas, and homemade squash. She'll eat the jarred kind no problem.

She's eating about 4 bottles a day now and finally sleeping through the night. At night she'll wake up at about 4 or 5am wanting to eat. Most of the time she will cry herself back to sleep, but about every 5 nights she will keep crying so we'll feed her. We're trying to get her to give up waking up at all but this is the first step to us getting a full night of sleep.

She has inherited, from her brother, the love of getting up early. 6AM is not a nice time of day to call wake up time, especially for mommy who is not a morning person.

Lila has a great sense of humor and still remains to be a very happy baby. She is a little more dramatic lately. She knows her brother will sometimes not be nice to her and she cries sometimes when he is near either out of fear or because she's warning him. If she gets hurt she has huge tears flowing down her face as if somebody betrayed her.

I love having a baby girl. She is fun to play with and agreeable for the most part. Below are some photos from the last month.