Wednesday, July 27, 2011

17 months!!!

Ethan is now 17 months old! I can't believe it. He's now been walking for about 2 months and getting closer to running. He talks ALL the time. He loves to sing "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep" every chance he gets. He also loves the ABC song, Itsy Bitsy Spider & Elmo's song. Elmo's song is just a little bit more annoying but he loves it. Ethan reads aloud to himself and turns the pages as if he's really reading. He also has started saying "Bye bye" instead of "Dye Dye". He says "Moo" and barks when he sees dogs.

Ethan now can say about 15-20 words depending on who you're talking to. If I didn't hear it, it didn't happen in my book. I keep a calendar on the wall in the kitchen to track his health, but also milestones.

In the last month he has given up bottles completely. We went from 2 bottles and then to 1 in just a few days. He drinks out of a straw cup and does very well. We waited a few more months than we originally wanted because he wasn't drinking enough from the straw cup. Now he drinks about 16-20oz a day!!!

We went in for a weight check a couple weeks ago and Ethan weighed 23 lbs 11 oz. He was down 4 oz from his last weight check a month prior. This was the first time since he was brand new that he'd lost weight. We were discouraged. We've been trying to "fatten him up" for the past month or so. His growth has slowed down. He basically hasn't gained any weight since he turned 1. We're being told to get more higher fat foods down him and increase his calories in whatever ways we can. Meanwhile we're dealing with a picky eater. It's all very frustrating.

We go in for his 18 month checkup on August 2nd so we'll see then if he's managed to gain weight back. Gosh, I hope he doesn't lose anymore.

Ethan took his very 1st camping trip with Grammy & Grandpa (A.K.A. Ken's parents) to Bodega Bay over the weekend. He was gone for 48 hours without us for the first time. He had a blast and probably didn't miss us as much as we missed him. Well as much as I missed him at least ;) We enjoyed a nice mini 24 hour vacation there ourselves when we came to pick him up.

Ethan is doing so many new things that I forget to write all of them down. He's growing too fast! I wish he'd slow down.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fourth of July

This year our street had the 2nd annual Fourth of July block party. The street was blocked off, we had badminton, games, food and probably 40-50 people in attendance.

Walking to Papa

Ethan playing with our neighbors dog, Molly.

Ethan & Daddy walking down the street.

Ethan & a neighbors little girls stroller. Ken didn't like that.

Ethan sitting with Papa during the fireworks. Ethan did fairly well with the loud noises and the fireworks didn't freak him out. An illegal firework went off right at the beginning of ours and that freaked him out.
Ethan took two naps that day and got up at 6pm to play, eat and have a bath before fireworks. He walked all around the block and loved being free to roam. He went to bed at 1015. The latest he's gone to bed since before he was 6 months old. I wish we had the photo of the whole party, but our friend hasn't posted it yet.

Water Fun

For Ethan's birthday in February he received a water table from his Grandpa & Grammy. It stayed in the garage until May when it started actually feeling hot enough to need it. Now that Ethan has been walking for about a month he loves it since he can walk around the patio and then back to his water table.

A couple weeks ago Ethan's friend, Sean came over to play. They loved playing together in the water table. Every time that Sean would splash Ethan they both would start laughing. It was fun to watch and the boys were soaking wet by the end.

Our hope is to get his pool out in the next couple weeks and see how he reacts to that. I'll post pictures when we do.