Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Water Park

A few days ago when my sister and here 4 kids were visiting at my parents house we headed over to the water park in our neighborhood. There's a part of the park where water comes out of the ground. Ethan was timid at first, but after being moved into the water a few times by Ken he liked it. He even stuck his hand into the stream of water. I think we'll be making a few more trips to the water park in the near future. The best part was that it really wore him out. He slept really well that night.

Gates coming down

About a week ago, Ken and I took down the long gate that separated the kitchen and the family room. I started letting Ethan into the kitchen about a month before so we figured that if he was going to be in the kitchen we should just take down the annoying gate. Plus, Ethan was playing with it and we were concerned that he might break it. He is definitely enjoying having a bigger space to roam in and it's nice to have him in the kitchen when I need to be in there so I can keep a better eye on him.

Also, new this month...we moved the highchair out of the house and into the garage. Ethan now sits with us at the big table. He seems to eat a little bit better when he's eating at our table and we now have more room in the kitchen. I love seeing all the baby stuff come out of the house and head into the garage. Only problem is now our garage is a big mess.