Friday, October 18, 2013

Lila at 10 months!

Lila turned 10 months old a couple week ago. Time is flying by and we're already planning her 1st birthday party. We'll be having a family party with a theme of butterflies. I'm in the process of ordering a purple tutu, butterfly wings and a headband that has antennae on it for her to wear at her party. I'm trying to keep the party low-key since we have a lot going on this year.

At 10 months Lila is pulling herself up on anything that will hold her up. She's very close to standing on her own, but still doesn't quite have the confidence to try it. I think she'll walk before Thanksgiving but she seems in no hurry to try. She's still very much a daddy's girl. If she's hurt she'd much rather that daddy comfort her unless he's not available and then Grammy is next in line. Sadly, I'm her 3rd choice unless neither of them is available then I'm #1 finally.

She still a very happy and agreeable baby. She went from 4 teeth to 12 teeth in just under a week. Some of them haven't quite broken through but they are on their way. I guess that's better so she gets it over with.

She ate some grilled cheese sandwich last night and loved it. Right now she loves mangoes, bananas, avocados, toast, cheddar cheese, sweet potatoes and feeding herself Cheerios or anything I can cut up for her. She definitely is over getting fed. She wants to do it herself.

Here are some photos of her 10th month.

 Wearing her dinosaur tail.
 With Nana & Papa
 With daddy
 Making a mess with brother.
 Trying to get over the pillow. She figured it out in no time.
 Hanging out in diapers reading books.
 Playing with brother.
 Cousin time. 
Smiling for big Papa.
 10 month calendar photos

Another update on Ethan's behavior

Ethan's behavior has improved. We are still dealing with his anger issues, but we've seen a big improvement over the last few weeks. The marble jar has worked and the 1-2-3 Magic book we put aside. We are still putting him on time out if he hits, throws or does anything bad to his sister. He's a very strong-willing child so i know he will never be an easy kid to parent. His strong-willed attitude will help him in life though so I don't want his spirit to be broken. He is a fighter and I think that will help him to fight CF and to not give up on goals in his future.

Ethan had a huge temper tantrum this morning followed by an even bigger tantrum. I thought this would be a very long day. He freaked out this morning because he wanted daddy. It took 45 minutes to calm him down and even then the only thing that would work is letting him cool off while watching Curious George. He is obsessed with Curious George right now. After breakfast he was back to his old self and I'm crossing my fingers that it last. It seems that I spend my day just hoping every step of the way that he cooperates, never really knowing how he will react. We'll find our way through it. It's just stressful. We've learned some great tools for how to parent him. I think the three sessions were worth it.

So our parenting journey continues. Let's cross our fingers that Lila is easier than Ethan :)