Monday, August 20, 2012

Ethan's summer in photos (July)

We had an extremely busy summer filled with a vacation to Avila Beach, a two week hospital stay, playdates with many of Ethan's best friends, running through the water park, lots of treatments, and much more. Here are the photos from July!
 Enjoying a 4th of July popsicle for the 1st time!
 Ethan's going to be a big brother! A baby sister to be born in December :)
 Ethan checking out the airplane at the state fair. He didn't want to get out.
 Ethan's new vacuum cleaner. He's obsessed with it and vacuums all the time. If only it actually vacuumed.
 Playing piano with Max.
 Ethan's 1st big goose egg after a tantrum when he hit his head on the floor.
 Playing in our pool at the 4th of July block party.
 Hanging with Grammy.
 Sporting his new handmade hat from our neighbor who made it niner colors.
 Eating dinner with his friends, Emily & Grant.
 Ethan & his first girlfriend, Emily! So sweet!
 Telling secrets...
 Our family in July 2012.
 Ethan's 1st rootbeer float. He drank the rootbeer and I ate the ice cream.
 Relaxing after a hard day of playing.
Everyone needs a buddy to do treatments with. Elmo is his.

Ethan's summer in photos (June)

 Loving holding onto Papa on a trip to the zoo!
 A late night of doing his TOBI on vacation in Avila Beach with Elmo, Monkey & Scout.
 Our family in June 2012.
      Hanging with Papa & Nana at the Atascadero Zoo
 Playing at the San Luis Obispo Children's Museum.
 Another family photo - @ the San Luis Bay Inn in Mom & Dad's room.
 Another adventure in the hospital for 14 days. Ethan enjoying his new handmade Cars pillow!
 It's tiring having treatments 4x a day!
 Finally after a week, an hour outside unhooked from the IV to run & play.
 Enjoying playing in "mommy's bed" after nap in his crib.
 Ready to head home after a long stay! So big!
 Washing Grandpa & Grammy's van with Daddy after our vacation to Avila Beach.
 Playdate with one of his bed buds, Max!
 A big hug for his Great-Granner on Father's Day.
 Grandpa opening his picture frame made specially by Ethan.
 A picture with Daddy on Father's Day with the picture frame he painted for him!
A rare picture with Mommy!
 Taking a much needed nap with Mommy.
 Eating breakfast for the 1st time without his booster seat.