Sunday, May 24, 2009

Movings & Family Time

Last weekend my family started packing my Mom & Dad's house in Gold River to get ready for their move to a new Beazer home just 4 blocks from our new home. They were hoping that their new house would be done this weekend, but it won't be ready until May 28th. They rented two PODS and we spent last weekend and this weekend filling them. We almost got everything in, but not quite. My parents are living in a hotel this week. After we packed up everything yesterday we all headed over to my sister's house for a BBQ. It was really fun! Ella is now 15 months old, Brianna is almost 7 years old and Alex will be 15 in September. It was fun to watch Brianna and Ella as Ella begged for Bri's dessert. Here are a few pictures:

It did get a little bit out of hand when I brought out more whipped cream in a can and started squirting it into the girls mouths. Hey, you're only a kid once and I'm not the mom so I can do fun auntie stuff like that. I know my sister will pay me back one day ;)

After having lunch at my sister's we headed out to Arco Arena to watch one of my best friends graduate from CSUS. I almost gagged when they sang the Alma Mater. "Hail Sacramento State" and it was an opera type song too. Ugh!!!

Here's a picture of Lori & Me:

Today, Ken and I are just hoping to relax and do nothing! Too bad my 3 day and his 5 day weekend is almost over.

No Trespassing!!!

It's becoming a weekly event to walk through the house every Sunday after church. The house is still progressing quickly. The builder says that it will still be done around July 31st. Last week they added walls upstairs, so it wasn't just framing upstairs. I think it was a week and half ago that they put all the windows in. I realized there were a few more than 10 windows to cover with blinds. It turns out its about 16 windows. They also started putting in insulation.

May 15th -
The view of our master bedroom before they closed it in.

Last week I couldn't wait until Sunday to drive by for a look and noticed that they had put up a "No Trespassing" sign in one of the windows. I guess they are on to us. It won't stop us from going in. We'll just continue to go in on Sundays when they aren't working ;)

Today we went to go take a look and there were quite a few things that they did this week. They put in the piping for our water system, continued with insulation, put in air conditioning vents, and started putting on the tile roof. We also noticed they put our bathtub/ shower in. The bathtub/ shower for the baby's room is in a box in the 2nd bedroom. It should be in by the next time we go see.

May 24th -

This is our Smart Design Water System. If we ever have water problems we can turn off that specific pipe. It's supposed to make the water warm up faster.
Air Conditioning Ducts

Monday, May 11, 2009

Home Sweet Home

The new house is being built really quickly. I guess it was originally supposed to be done in September, but the builder decided to get them done in July. They are still telling us it will be around July 31st before we can move in. Actually the timing has been perfect. We were excited to hear that it would take that long because our lease at the apartment is up on August 1st and it will give us a few more months of savings in our pockets. It's been really fun to walk to the house from our apartment or drive-by after work. We've become stalkers of the house progress.

On May 1st it was just a foundation. This was the house on May 2nd.
And this was the house on Friday, May 8th:

As you can see the 1st and 2nd floor has been framed. We found out on Saturday that our backyard is bigger than the standard lot. The standard lot for our floorplan would have given us 10 feet from the back of the house to the fence for our backyard. We will have 25 feet. We were really excited, even though that means we'll have to buy more grass and pour more cement. It will be a great selling point in 5 years when it comes times to sell.

Here's a picture of what it will look like when it's finished:

We don't know what the color will be, but our house is the reverse version of this one and has more of an arch on some windows and on the porch arches.
My parents will be into their house 4 blocks away in 2 weeks. It's been fun and exhausting to walk the aisles at Lowes looking at blinds, lawnmowers, fans and refridgerators. The house has been such a great distraction for me. I'm so thankful that we will finally be homeowners in July.

This picture was taken from where our fence will be. The hole in wall is the kitchen window where I'll watch my babies play in the backyard.

The view from my parents upstairs front bedroom. You can see our house right now being built, but in a month or so there will be another row of houses that will block our house some.