Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ethan Dean M.D.

Here's Ethan having fun with his doctor kit and daddy!

Monday, March 25, 2013

What's happening with Lila?

Lila's Happenings in March

                                                    "I'm gonna get those feet!!!"

Recently, I took out Ethan's baby calendar to see what may or may not be happening in the near future. I was surprised to find that Ethan was only getting up once a night at 3 1/2 months old and eating 7 or 8oz bottles all day. Lila still won't take more than 4-5oz at a time and wakes up at least twice a night (more if she's teething). I know, I know, she's a completely different kid so she should be different.

On the plus side she is developmentally moving faster than Ethan did at this age. She is sitting with support very well and has very good head control. She is very close to rolling tummy to back and talks as if she has real words coming out.

Lila weighs a bit over 15 lbs on our scale, but we'll get the official weight & length at her 4 months appointment on April 8th. She was 23.5 inches long at her 2 month appointment and according to Ethan's baby calendar he was 23.5 inches at his 4 month visit. She is most likely going to be taller than Ethan and evidently will be larger too. Ethan was 13 lbs 4 oz at this age.

I'm excited to see how she continues to develop and I'll be very happy once teething subsides for awhile so we can all get some much needed rest. My poor baby girl's mouth is in so much pain from getting 3 or 4 teeth at once.

More updates to come after her 4 month appointment in 2 weeks!

Lila's 1st Music Video

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lila's 3 month photos

My sweet girl is 3 months old! Time is going so fast! Here are most of her 3 month photos including photos with Ethan for Easter & a photo of her in an outfit I was photographed in when I was 3 months old!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lila at 3 months

Lila will be 3 months old tomorrow. It's going so fast and I'm trying my hardest to enjoy her at every stage, but I'm so stinkin' tired it's hard sometimes.

                                                                     3 months old

At 3 months Lila has been holding her head up really well since birth but she's getting even stronger. She hates tummy time, loves watching her brother run and sing to her, and weighs just over 13 lbs. She coos in conversation and almost always waits her turn in conversation. She loves to listen to her Nana sing to her and we've even caught her singing along with her Nana on occasion.

She started sleeping in a 6 hour stretch about a month ago, but unfortunately lately because of her first cold started waking up every 2 hours at night. We had to put away most of her 3 month clothes a couple weeks ago. She is very long, growing 3 inches between her 2 week appointment and her 2 month appointment.

Lila has been batting at toys for awhile now and loves to play with her hands. I'm not sure if she's beginning to teethe but she sure loves to suck on her hands and she's beginning to drool.

Sometimes when she's eating she can't stop smiling long enough to actually eat. If she's facing you and you aren't paying attention to her she will just keep smiling and flashing her eyelashes at you until you look down.

We are having so much fun watching her change and grow everyday. We're working on helping her learn how to roll over from tummy to back. She's a very happy baby for the most part. It seems like despite Ethan's loudness she loves him best. I can't wait to see her follow him around.

Lately, Ethan's been saying "Calm down, Lila" to her when she's upset. He also asked, "She shy?" a couple says ago after she didn't respond with a coo when he was talking to her. Seeing the interaction between the two of them is so sweet.

                                                      Happy 1st Valentine's Day!

                                            Fist bumping Grammy.
                                                         It's party time!!!
                                                            One of her many Little Sister outfits