Thursday, October 25, 2012

Baking with Ethan

A couple weeks ago Ethan and I attempted to make sugar cookies. When I saw make, I mean we bought the already made sugar cookie dough and rolled it out and then decorated our cookies. We had a blast and Ethan made a huge mess which I guess is a good sign that he had a great time! Here are the photos from our adventure.

Ethan was very good at finding just enough spots on the rolled out cookie dough for his airplane, car and other cookie cutters. When Ken got home that night they decorated the cookie with orange vanilla frosting and Halloween sprinkles. He did very well and didn't lick very much of anything while doing it.

2 1/2 year old photos

I took Ethan into JcPenney for some late 2 1/2 year old photos at the beginning of October. Mostly because I had a coupon for 3 free sheets from when they forgot to order my photos last year and because I had another October coupon for 3 sheets for $11. Plus Ethan has such an obsession with helicopters and airplanes right now I wanted to capture it.

He did very well with the photographer...unlike when I took him in February for his 2 year old photos and he just ran everywhere but where they were taking the photos.

 Trying to jump.

 Daddy was so proud that he threw the ball right at the photographer (who asked him to)
 Ethan's love for helicopters captured on film.

What's new?

So what's new with us? I guess a lot has been going on and I've been so horrible about keeping up with my blog. You would think I'd have more time to update since I haven't been working since February but for some reason I just haven't.

Anyways, Ethan is now 2 years and 8 months old! He talks and sings everywhere he goes. You can understand about 75% of what he says now and he's starting to say phrases that we say and saying sentences that make me wonder "Where'd you hear that?" For example: when we were at the pumpkin patch on Sunday I asked him if he needed help opening his sandwich bag and his reply was "You don't have to" OK...

He is so much fun and also such a challenge most days. He's headstrong, opinionated and very independent. He reminds me a lot of myself in general. We're in for it :)

I am now 33 weeks and some change pregnant with Lila. At her 30 weeks ultrasound she was already 3 lbs 9 oz and that was almost 4 weeks ago. She most likely almost 4 1/2 lbs by now. She's growing just as expected and we'll find out in a few weeks whether I'll need a c-section because she's breech or not. I started pulling blankets and newborn clothes into the house this week to begin washing, folding and finding a home for everything. There is lot of stuff to find a place for!

I went through Ethan's dresser drawers and moved practically everything out of his 6 drawer dresser into his closet. We're using an IKEA 3 plastic drawer organizer and a nifty 2 poll hanging system for Ethan's clothes. Ethan helped with this project and was a very big help!

At this point we're just waiting for Lila to arrive and hoping to get everything prepared before she does. I can't believe we are just 6 weeks away from meeting our little girl and starting a new chapter of our lives. Just thinking about managing two kids makes me nervous, but lots of people do it, so we'll figure it out as we go.

My sister, mom and mother-in-law threw me a beautiful lavendar baby shower last Saturday. I'll post photos and write about that once I get a copy of the photos from my sister. Life is good!