Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What Ethan's been saying...

I try to write down on my calendar the things that Ethan says or does on a regular basis. Here's what he's been saying in 2013 so far.

January 2013

"YiYa, no crying!"

"Yiya, eat breakfast" and points to mommy for nursing.

"I scared me!"

"One more time" while pointing his finger.

"Hold you?"

"Guess what? I love you!"

"We made it!" He said this when we pulled up to the house after a trip to the store with Daddy.

"Hi Yiya"

"That's delicious" This was while we were making our own pizzas. He loved to eat the sauce more than spreading it.

"2 planes...(adds in head)4 planes"

"I have an idea"

"2 more minutes?"

"S-T-O-P spells stop!"

"Carry you?"

Things Ethan did in January 2013:

*Points to yellow and red

*Wants mom's breakfast even if same breakfast is on his plate, then offers some of my breakfast to me.

*Loves cheese toast.

February 2013

While talking to a friend on his fake phone, "You there?"

"Wow!" I've got a lot of toys!"

Saying pants "Piss"

"Starbucks" Evidently, my kid goes there way too much.

"Slow down!" He yells this when we are on walks or out front when a car goes by no matter how fast they are going.

"Knock it off"

Conversation with Lila:
Ethan: "I'm sorry, I was really loud"
Ethan:"Go back to sleep"

"Bebots" - Robots

This kid cracks me up on a daily basis. I love spending my days with him. It's fun to have actual conversations with him and her his opinions or thoughts on things.

Things Ethan did in February:

 *Used the big boy potty 4x but refuses to wear big boy underwear. We're getting there!

*Loves the #3

*Reminds us to do his treatment. He's a creature of habit.

*Learned how to use the remote control with little help getting through all the menus

*Loves robots

*Loves to watch Toy Story 3 over and over and over again.

*Loves to set the timer on microwave before we do things. This helps the timer to be the bad guy and not mommy or daddy.

Ethan turns 3!!!

On Monday, February 18th Ethan turned 3 years old! I can't believe how fast three snuck up me.

Ethan has changed so much even in the last few months. He talks a lot!!! He's developed a bit of an attitude too. Lately he's been saying "Knock it off!" to us. I know where he got that from. We say it to him all the time.

Before his birthday I would ask him how old he was and he would respond, "2!" and put up two fingers. Then I would ask him how old he would be at his next birthday and he would say, "Fee (3) years old!". Then I would ask him what he was going to have at his birthday party and he'd say "AIRPLANES!" He's obsessed with airplanes. He's in luck because they fly over our house at least 2 or 3 times an hour.

It was pretty easy to pick what the theme of his 3rd birthday party would be and because my sister owns a Cricut we made all of the decorations. It didn't cost more than $5 to make them but took about 8-10 hours of time to make them and put them together. When he saw them he didn't know where to go first.

                                   Ethan's birthday cake was made by one of his best friends mom, Melissa.
                                                                Party favors
                                         The snacks were in the shape of airplanes and clouds.
                                                                 Airplane cookies

                                                          Judah taking a sip of juice.
                                                                 Lila with Uncle Tim

                    Ethan loves to sing "Happy Birthday" and this time he started singing it to himself.

It was a very fun party with friends and family! I think Ethan enjoyed himself and I loved putting together a party where he really loved the theme.

He's now really into robots so we're thinking robots next year but that could change in a year :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

You'll know I'm a mom...

Just some thoughts I had when I had a few moments to myself (kind of) in the shower.

You'll know I'm a mom by the bags under my eyes, the hot wheels and diapers that now replace the lipstick and powder in my purse and the excessive posts about my kids on facebook.

You'll know I'm a mom by the toys scattered around my living room, the massive amount of boxes of diapers in my garage and the food on my kitchen floor.

You'll know I'm a mom by the energy that comes out of nowhere to face the tireless day even after a sleepless night with a newborn or a sick child.

You'll know I'm a mom by the tears on my face as my child struggles through illness, rejection or misses his daddy while he's at work.

You'll know I'm a mom by the endless lists of tasks I hope to accomplish but never seem to complete before the list grows. 

You'll know I'm a mom by the extra 10 (okay, 20 lbs) I just can't seem to find the time to get off from the 1st and 2nd baby. 

You'll know I'm a mom when you hear me humming or singing the theme song to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse hours after I have watched it. 

You'll know I'm a mom by the old wardrobe in my closet and the new clothes in my child's closet. 

But mostly you'll know I'm a mom by the beaming smile on my face as my child achieves a new milestone, says "please" or "thank you" or is kind to a stranger.

Erin Dean ~ 2013
Mommy of an almost 3-year-old and an 8 week old.

I hope these thoughts that randomly came into my head today remind other mothers of the struggles and joys of being a mommy. It's the hardest, longest and most fulfilling job any woman will ever embark on.

Enjoy the journey!