Friday, August 29, 2014

Ethan goes to school

Ethan started preschool this week at First Covenant Preschool. He is a Blessed Bumblebee and he has 2 teachers with 12 students in his class including him.

We are very excited for this new experience in Ethan's life. He has gone 2 days now and he loves it! He talks about how he shares with other children and how he loves playing outside. The first day he took a good nap after school. He was worn out!

We love that his school is a church and that he will be learning about God every day. We love that the first 45 minutes of class every day is free time and that this school will give him the structured (knowing what's coming next) day he needs.

I hope that he learns more everyday and enjoys some free time away from us as well. My hope over the next couple weeks is that he makes friends. He's already made friends with both of his teachers.

Once I figure out how to get photos onto my computer again I'll add a photo.

The house is ours!

About 2 weeks ago our old house and our new house closed on the same day! A few days later we said goodbye to our small 2 bedroom house and said hello to a 3 bedroom with a den house.

The selling/buying process was much more complicated and stressful that we thought. We were told when signing our closing documents that most people don't buy and sell at the exact same time because it's hard to line everything up and it's so stressful. I know why now. I'm just happy the process is over.

We are settling into our new home. Lila and Ethan now have their own rooms across the house from each other. I'm loving how at night I can put Lila to bed first and then read books with Ethan and have cuddle time with him alone. He's been having a hard time staying in his bed during the night. He says "I can't be by myself". He ends up in our room every night sometime between 2 and 5am on the floor. It seems like he is staying in bed longer each night so hopefully soon he'll stay in his bed until 6am. Thankfully he's been going right back to sleep when he comes in and he doesn't wake us.

I love our new kitchen. Granite counter tops and a pantry! You have no idea how excited I was when I saw the pantry. It's a good thing we have the pantry because I would have had to go back to putting extra items in the garage. I have just enough space in the kitchen for everything I need and the rest I'm going to sell at a garage sale in September.

Our backyard is not very big and is undone. It has a cement patio and a retaining wall. Other than that, it's dirt and rocks. We also have a hornet/wasp problem with nests everywhere under the eaves. Also pigeons and doves love our house leaving nests for their babies in the eaves in the back patio. We love that their is a pergula in the backyard.

So far the neighborhood is very quiet despite a few loud cars/trucks across the street but we haven't really heard them. We've met a few of the neighbors including a grandmother down the street who raises her granddaughter who is 2 and will probably end up having playdates with my mother in law.

I've also met another family that has kids the same age as mine that live near the park. We are still digging our way out of the boxes. Most of what's supposed to be inside is inside, it just may not be put away yet :)