Friday, July 4, 2014

Our House

About a month ago we listed our house for sale. We've been needing a larger home since Lila came. She spent the first year of her life sleeping in the laundry room. We made it work because we couldn't sell our house and have a down payment for another while the market was bad.

We spent about a month getting the house ready to list and it's been 5 weeks since we listed. We've had many showings but no offers. After a couple price reductions we're hoping that we'll find buyers very soon. I'm very tired of keeping the house clean especially with my little mess makers.

We've found a house we want but obviously can't put in an offer until ours is under contract. The new house will have 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and will be around 1800 square feet. It'll be nice to spread out and have separate rooms for Lila & Ethan and a dedicated office for Ken and me. Since Ethan & Lila have been sharing a room for the last 6 months it will be great for them to be separated since they think it's party time at 5am each morning.

Hopefully we'll have a big announcement over the coming weeks of our house being under contract. We're excited to move onto the next house in a new neighborhood. Although we do wish we could take our neighbors with us. We'll see how fast the house goes now that the price has been lowered.

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