Friday, July 4, 2014

Ethan & discipline

I'm overdue for an update on Ethan's behavior. We are still have problems with Ethan's behavior and it's gradually getting worse. I am going to be going back for parent counselling next Friday to see if the counselor can help us navigate the next steps in discipline for Ethan.

Currently, he's saying words he shouldn't be and being rude and disrespectful to us. It doesn't appear that he does any of this with anyone besides us. He gets angry really easily and when he does he throws and hits things. He's mean to Lila which I know could just be normal behavior for siblings but it doesn't seem right.

He's still a very lovable little boy and does love one-on-one time. I think some or all of this started when Lila came. I thought by now it would have settled down now that she's been here a year and a half. I think he isn't getting enough quality one-on-one time with each of us. A week ago Ken and I took him to a Rivercats game just the three of us. He behaved most of the night and it was a late night. We need to plan more trips just the three of us or a date for daddy & Ethan or mommy & Ethan.

I'll try to update after our visit with the counselor, but I've not been great about updating the blog so it may be awhile. Please be praying for us and our family as we try to decipher what's the best game plan for dealing with Ethan's behavior. Nobody ever tells you how hard raising kids will be. If they did we all may have decided not to have kids :)

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