Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Go away sickness update

We found out yesterday morning that Ethan tested positive for RSV from the nose swab they took in the ER on Friday night. We were obviously not happy to hear that and also knowing that Lila most likely had and has RSV as well.

I'm now coming down with it too. It appears to hit hardest on Days 4 and 5. My mother in law has it now and she's on Day 4 and she's miserable. I started feeling off, runny nose and slight cough last night. I feel fine for the most part but I know it's coming.

There's really no treatment for RSV, except if it effects you in a way where you need nebulizers, albuterol, etc to help you breathe. Ethan responded well to the extra albuterol and 4 treatments a day and once he got over the Day 5 hump he gradually got better. We'll be keeping him out of school for the rest of the week so the RSV doesn't just keep running around the school. Evidently you can get it over and over again.

As of now, Lila is on the mend as well. She still has a wet cough and a runny nose, but she's much better. She has what I would call a regular cold now and it's Day 11 for her and Day 9 for Ethan. Ethan still has a wet cough, runny nose and will continue on 4 treatments a day until the cough is completely gone.

Ken has pretty much been sick since the first of the year. He thinks he's gotten sick 3x with different colds and now feel nauseous at work today.

Sickness, be gone already!

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