Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ethan turns 5!

Ethan turned 5 last Wednesday, well almost Thursday since he was born at 1159pm. We decided this year to give him two low key parties with just family. We celebrated with Ken's family on Valentine's Day with a BBQ and last weekend Ethan and my niece, Ella, celebrated turning 5 and 7 years old together.

Ethan brought in cupcakes to share with his class on his actual birthday. It was the first time we needed to bring in something for his birthday since this is his first year in school.

We are now less than 6 months away from Ethan starting Kindergarten. I'm really excited for the new experience and he keeps asking when he's going to Kindergarten especially now that he's 5.

We've been working on breaking his habit of sucking his thumb. We think that his constant sucking his thumb could be contributing to him getting sick. At school I hear lots of coughs this time of year, so it would be extra helpful if he'd stop.

We are also have begun trying to get him to sleep in his own room ALL NIGHT. This has been a constant struggle for 6 months (since we moved into our new house). He did well last night. Making it his third night since we moved in that he's stayed in his bed all night. So that's progress! Now to make it a habit.

We've been talking a lot about responsibility like how it's his responsibility to put on his clothes, take off his clothes, brush his teeth, etc. We should have worked on these awhile back but better late than never.

That's about all that's happening with Ethan. Can't believe he's 5 already!!! How is it possible I've been a parent for 5 whole years.

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